So It’s A Bomb Cyclone

So It’s A Bomb Cyclone

Bomb Cyclone

Well, if you have seen any news this week you know all about the Bomb Cyclone that is crossing the U.S. and Canada.  So, it’s a Bomb cyclone…  Just what does that mean?


A bomb cyclone, or bombogenesis, is defined by a rapidly intensifying storm. That can happen when atmospheric pressure drops significantly.  Which is usually the result of warm and cold air masses overlapping, according to the National Ocean Service.

This Week in North America

A bomb cyclone or bombogenesis could accompany a powerful winter storm that’s forecast to sweep across most of the U.S. this week.  Pounding millions of Americans in its path with frigid temperatures, heavy snow, and other blizzard-like conditions.  Hazardous effects are already snarling holiday travel plans and prompting warnings from officials to be alert and remain vigilant.

Why a bomb cyclone?

The popular term was first used around the 1940s. It’s called a bomb cyclone because a low pressure (or cyclone) undergoes ‘bombogenesis.’  Referring to how quick the rate at which the low pressure develops.

Effects of a bomb cyclone

The hazards of a bomb cyclone can be multifaceted and vary based on the location and speed of the storm.  A band of intense pressure can create heavy winds, blizzard conditions and heavy snow that could possibly reduce visibility and rainfall that can also cause coastal flooding.

Holiday Travel 2022

This extreme weather has coincided with the start this holiday travel season.  According to the American Automobile Association nearly 113 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles (30 km) from their homes beginning Friday, December 23rd. That is, assuming winter conditions don’t put a halt to their plans.

 Wherever you may find yourself this Christmas 

Have a safe and joyous holiday

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