The right employees can help you increase sales, be more productive and encourage a higher performing workforce. But the right employees are very difficult to find – especially if you’re trying to find them yourself. Cardinal Services is your Human Resources Partner. Because it’s our mission to deliver the highest level of Human Resource Management, we have the systems and specialists in place to assure that every candidate you review has the best qualifications possible. Cardinal Services works hard to place candidates that are qualified to step right into your organization, so you’re free to concentrate on doing business. We are thorough in recruiting, screening and presenting the most talented candidates through a variety of unique procedures:

  • Candidate testing: we conduct a wide range of qualifying tests in our offices, including mechanical comprehension tests, personality tests, dexterity tests, integrity tests and clerical / office skills tests.
  • Interviewing: covering such areas as skills and aptitude, education, position assessments, career goals and availability.

In addition, our staffing specialists participate in rigorous, ongoing training programs in sourcing, recruiting and interviewing techniques, so you continue to have the very best group of candidates from which to choose. Interested in learning more about our recruitment and qualification of employees? Contact Cardinal Services.

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